cov|er1 [ `kʌvər ] verb transitive ***
▸ 1 put something over something else
▸ 2 be all over something
▸ 3 include and deal with
▸ 4 report/describe
▸ 5 provide insurance
▸ 6 have enough money for
▸ 7 travel a distance
▸ 8 perform someone else's song
▸ 9 point a gun at someone
▸ 10 in sports
1. ) cover or cover up to put one thing over another, in order to protect or hide it:
Cover the food until you are ready to eat it.
cover someone/something with something: They covered her with a blanket.
be covered with/by something: The floor was covered with a sheet of plastic.
a ) to be on top of something:
A rug covered the hole in the carpet.
b ) to put your hands over your eyes, ears, or mouth:
Bob covered his eyes, unable to look at the body.
2. ) to be all over a surface or object:
Bruises covered his entire body.
be covered with/in something: His clothes were covered in mud.
All the furniture was covered with dust.
a ) to spread something all over a surface or object:
They covered the path with rose petals.
b ) to spread or lie all over an area of land:
Dense forest covers the lower slopes of the mountain.
3. ) to include and deal with a particular situation, subject, period of history, etc.:
Section 5 covers vacation allowances for part-time workers.
Her new book covers the period from 1870 to 1918.
The program covers all aspects of health and safety at work.
a ) if a law, rule, or contract covers a particular situation, type of person, etc., it includes or deals with that situation or person: APPLY TO:
The rights of unmarried fathers are not covered by this legislation.
4. ) to give a report or description of an event on television or radio, or in a newspaper:
We will be covering the game live on Saturday afternoon.
Clare Gray covered the Paris fashion shows for the paper.
5. ) if an insurance agreement covers a situation or person, it provides protection against loss for that situation or person:
The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse of the product.
cover someone for something: His car insurance covers him for business use.
cover someone to do something: Are you covered to drive a truck?
cover someone against something: You need to be covered against fire.
6. ) to have enough money to pay for something:
We need $700 a month to cover the rent.
7. ) to travel a particular distance:
We had to cover the last three miles on foot.
8. ) to perform or record a song that was first performed by someone else:
Her new album covers some old Beatles classics.
9. ) to protect someone from attack by pointing a gun at someone who might shoot them:
His partner covered him while he ran across the prison yard.
a ) to prevent someone from moving or escaping by pointing a gun toward them:
You go first while we cover the back door.
10. ) in some sports, to stay very close to an opposing player in order to prevent them from scoring a goal or getting a point
cover all the bases
to deal with every possible thing that could happen or that people could want:
We think the agreement covers all the bases for a lasting peace.
cover your ass/butt AMERICAN INFORMAL
to take action to protect yourself against criticism, blame, or legal problems
cover your tracks
to try to hide evidence of something bad that you have done:
Whoever had taken the money had covered their tracks pretty well.
cover yourself or cover your back
to take action to protect yourself against criticism, blame, or legal problems:
They put a warning on the packaging just to cover themselves.
`cover for phrasal verb transitive cover for someone
1. ) to do someone's work while they are sick or not there:
I'm just covering for Mrs. Tyler, so please bear with me.
2. ) to protect someone from punishment, for example by telling a lie for them:
If Pauline asks where I am, will you cover for me?
,cover `up phrasal verb
1. ) transitive same as COVER1 1
2. ) intransitive or transitive to put more clothes or covers on your body, to hide it or keep it warm:
It's freezing outside, so cover up.
When dad saw my short skirt he told me to cover myself up.
3. ) intransitive or transitive to hide the truth about something by not telling what you know or by preventing other people from telling what they know:
It was a real scandal, but the school tried to cover the whole thing up.
cover up for: He got his powerful friends to cover up for him.
cov|er 2 [ `kʌvər ] noun ***
▸ 1 for putting over something
▸ 2 outside of book/CD
▸ 3 place for shelter/hiding
▸ 4 protection from attack
▸ 5 for hiding secret/crime
▸ 6 of song
▸ 7 cover charge
▸ 8 place in restaurant
▸ 9 sheets/blankets
▸ 10 insurance agreement
▸ 11 doing someone else's work
1. ) count something that you put over something else in order to hide it, protect it, or close it:
She put plastic covers on all the furniture.
cushion covers
2. ) count the outside page at the front or back of a book or magazine:
Her face was once on the cover of Vogue magazine.
read something from cover to cover (=read it all): On the airplane I read the newspaper from cover to cover.
a ) the paper or CARDBOARD on the front of a record or CD
3. ) uncount places such as buildings or trees where people or animals can hide or shelter from the weather:
The troops had to run across open fields with no cover.
run for cover/take cover: Everybody ran for cover as the hail started to fall.
break cover (=come out from a shelter): We waited patiently for the lions to break cover.
4. ) uncount protection from attack, especially from someone with a gun:
give cover: Detective Philips entered the house while the other officers gave cover.
5. ) count a legal business that is used for hiding an illegal or secret activity:
cover for: His import-export company was a cover for a drug-smuggling operation.
a ) a false story that is used for hiding who someone really is:
His cover was that he was just released from prison and was interested in joining the gang.
blow someone's cover (=to tell people who someone really is): She had to leave the country after her cover was blown.
6. ) cover or cover version count a song that is recorded by someone who is not the original performer:
They did a brilliant cover of the old Abba song.
7. ) count or uncount AMERICAN a COVER CHARGE
8. ) count a place for one person at a table in a restaurant
9. ) the covers plural sheets and BLANKETS that you lie under in bed:
He pulled the covers up and turned out the light.
10. ) uncount BRITISH COVERAGE that an insurance agreement gives you
11. ) uncount BRITISH an arrangement in which a person does the work of someone who is away from work
under cover
pretending to be someone else in order to find out secret information:
go/work under cover: Working under cover is one of the most dangerous types of police work.
under cover of night/darkness
hidden by darkness:
They planned to attack under cover of darkness.
under separate cover
used in a letter for saying that something will be sent separately

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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